Creativity Top 5 back in action

After a 4 month and 1 day hibernation, Creativity’s Top five is back on the scene.  This is exciting news for anyone interested in watching really good work.  Personally, I sometimes find it hard to keep on top of Creativity’s daily email, but with the ability to check in the Top 5 weekly report, I don’t feel as though I’ve completely missed out.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Top 5 or even Creativity… It is basically the ultimate, most current resource for ads, websites, apps, design (both graphic and industrial), and pretty much anything else that would involve something Adobe related.  (I chose to stereotype the creative world with the word Adobe because of a recent discussion I had with my roommate about CS5 as well as Apple and Adobe’s current feud.)

Getting back to the Top 5 this week’s was not overwhelmingly impressive, but I will say that what really captured my attention was PIXELS, written and directed by Patrick Jean. This short is about 8bit pixel creatures invading NYC.  It is very cool and made me wish that I had some sort of experience working in 3D.


About 60 seconds into the video i noticed that I had a strangely familiar feeling coming on.  Obviously, I have never seen anything like it in real life, but then on second thought maybe I have… and I bet you have to.  What this video looks like, is a massive amount of Legos pieced together and dropped into the city.  And then as anyone knows who has ever tried to share or build Legos cooperatively with someone else, your blood eventually begins to boil and the inevitable temper tantrum erupts, and all of a sudden its like fireworks on the 4th of July.  People smashing shit all over the place with no regard for any of the work that you or they have just spent the past few hours creating.  Maybe if someone were to film two siblings (probably the key word there) sharing Legos you might get a video just as cool as Patrick Jean’s.

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